My Home Malaysia is an movement to get people involved in adopting to pray for the welfare of streets in Malaysia. The project stems from the biblical mandate (Jeremiah 29:7) for people to pray to the Lord for the peace and prosperity of the area where they live as its welfare determines the welfare of the people living in the prayed for area.

Prayer is a means of speaking directly to God about the things that are on a person’s heart. Increasingly people in the various communities have become alarmed at the spread of negative influences such as crime, gang violence, alcohol, drugs and substance abuse as well as the degeneration of areas in many of the streets. It is hoped praying to God will go some way towards Him executing His will here on earth as it is in heaven. That will is for God’s peace and prosperity to reign in Malaysia. This initiative requires people to register on its dedicated website and adopt as many streets in which they are willing to pray for regularly.

It is expectation that the initiative will foster greater community involvement by encouraging prayer-adopters to be physically involved in the street(s) they have adopted: this could be in the form of prayer walks along the adopted street and / or devoting time towards something that will enhance the welfare of the street.